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Native application development for Apple platforms.
What we do What’s included

What we do

As a mobile app development company with extensive experience working with low-level platform technology, we build truly powerful iOS applications for the entire range of Apple products. Our expertise includes mobile solutions for consumer and industrial IoT, healthcare, entertainment, and home automation systems. We're especially great at mobile app development for IoT when we need to connect mobile apps with embedded devices through BLE and other protocols.

What's included?

Our iOS app development services include creating applications from scratch, optimizing existing solutions for better performance and reliability, and SDK development. We'd also be happy to help you port your iOS app to Android if you decide to start supporting Android users.

iOS application development

iPhones, iPads, wearables, watches, smart TVs, cars, and homes – we build iOS apps for all these platforms. We use Swift and Objective-C for development, and also C++ for creating some complex intelligent algorithms when needed.

iOS SDK development

If you're launching a platform for other developers to build their apps on top of, we will bring to the forefront the best of the latest technologies to create a set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, code samples, processes, and/or guides for your SDK or devkit.

iOS app optimization & maintenance

Our iOS app optimization services cater to the needs of entrepreneurs with existing iOS applications that need to be updated to keep up with ever-changing technologies, or that have some performance or security issues.

Porting to Android

If you're looking to create a version of your app for Android users, porting your iOS app to Android is going to be easier than building an app from scratch. We'll adapt your iOS app's user interface to Google's Material Design language and build a stable app that works well on most Android devices using your iOS application as a blueprint.


Our testing methods include manual and automated testing. We identify a large number of defects using Unit tests and perform regression and smoke testing with the help of our QA specialists who test the functionality manually using test cases.

Submission to the App Store

After the app is built, tested, and approved by you, we will take care of submitting it to the App Store. We will make sure it satisfies all Apple's requirements and gets released.

Check out our recent case study

Healthcare Computer vision Mobile app development

SkinView iOS App for Identifying Melanoma Skin Cancer Using Computer Vision Algorithms

The app uses computer vision algorithms for processing images of a mole and detecting malignant melanoma. We achieved 80% diagnostic accuracy without any machine learning methods.

We've helped more than 40 companies and individuals build solutions used by millions of people

How we work

Check out the table below to learn more about how we work and where your involvement is most needed depending on the type of collaboration model.




























Frequently Asked Questions

Read this information to better understand the process of iOS app development.

What programming languages and technologies do you use for iOS app development?

Today the most popular programming language for iOS development is Swift. Nevertheless, Objective-C is also widespread. We develop iOS applications using both languages and also work with all native SDK for iOS such as ARKit, Metal, HealthKit, HomeKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, and more.

How do you test iOS applications?

XCode offers a lot of tools to be able to test the application during development. They include Unit tests, debugging, and profiling. Also, after we've completed some chunk of functionality we perform different user interface tests both automatically and manually.

What do I need to do to submit my app to the App Store?

You need to create a Developer Account on Apple's website. After that, you need to create an application archive and fill in the description fields. Finally, your application can be uploaded to the App Store.

Do you also develop apps for Apple Watch?

Yes, we do. Developing an app for Apple Watch is a bit different from developing an app for iOS. If you want an app for Apple Watch we can discuss this project.

Do you offer app support and maintenance services?

Yes, we provide a support package that includes bug fixes, software updates, and new feature development for your iOS application. We can do this on an ongoing basis.

Do you provide iPad support?

Yes, if you want your app to provide support for iPad, just let us know about it before we start the development process.

Do you provide backend development services?

Sure! We have extensive experience developing mobile backend using AWS infrastructure and other hosting services.

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