Custom Hardware & Software Development Company

Do you need a hardware design? And/Or software programming? You're in the right place! We offer full-cycle hardware and software development services.

From prototype to fabrication-ready

Below is the list of services we provide for implementing embedded systems and solutions for the Internet of things.

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Embedded Hardware Development

From consumer electronics devices to embedded systems for industrial automation, we provide secure and innovative solutions for a variety of industries.

FPGA design PCB design Preparing for manufacturing Certification Prototyping


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Embedded Software Design & Development Services

Firmware development, software development for single board computers (SBC) and board support package (BSP) development – these are the types of service...

Software Development Board support package development Prototyping with SBC RTOS


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Kernel and Driver Development

We implement low-level and driver development projects for Linux, Windows, and macOS, and develop Linux kernel modules for embedded devices. We modify t...

Linux macOS Android Windows


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Computer Vision Development

For some projects in computer vision, we use libraries such as OpenCV and also develop our own advanced algorithms using complex mathematical models. To...

Image and video processing Face recognition Edge computing Object tracking


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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics, IoT, custom software – machine learning and artificial intelligence drive many of our projects. We build data-driven machine learning models a...

Recommender systems AI-based applications Neural networks Data analytics OCR


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IoT Solutions

Looking to build the entire IoT solution in one company? We'd glad to help! From smart gadgets to an infrastructure for managing connected devices – we do it all in-house.

Industrial IoT Industry 4.0 AWS IoT M2M Predictive maintenance Digital transformation Azure IoT


We've worked with enterprises and startups from Europe, the USA, Australia, and Asia

What's in our DNA?

Founded in 2013 by experts in electronics and software development, Integra Sources has already completed more than 100 projects of varying complexity. Our team has helped more than 40 clients launch new solutions in healthcare, consumer electronics, logistics, education, and other industries. We are happy to work on your projects, improve your business, and develop new devices for you.


Happy clients

Completed projects

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Recent projects

We've built some stunning projects that have real-world impact. See some of our recent case studies below.

Kernel and driver development Embedded hardware development IoT Smart home Linux

A Control Panel for IoT-Based Smart Home Automation System

The project consisted of hardware development for three printed circuit boards, embedded software development for a custom Linux image, and driver devel...


Machine learning R&D Startup Smart home Healthcare Computer vision

Algodroid R&D Project: Building a Computer Vision System for Preventing Falls in the Elderly

The project is a video monitoring system that uses computer vision and machine learning to track people's activities throughout the day and detect falls...


Kernel and driver development Windows driver development System software development Telecom

A Virtual Camera Driver for Using One Webcam in Multiple Applications Simultaneously

The virtual camera is similar to ManyCam. It allows people to use their webcams on various applications whilst simultaneously live streaming or using vi...


What you get with us

With Integra Sources, you get an experienced team capable of solving the most complex problems. Check out why you should choose us as your technology partner:

On-time, within budget

With sound project planning in place, we always meet expectations. We make accurate cost and schedule estimates for our development projects.

Effective communication

Despite the difference in time zones, we stay in constant communication with our clients and are ready to adjust to your work schedule.

Broad tech stack

With our knowledge of C/C++ and a variety of other technologies, we can build firmware and software for all platforms.

Guaranteed support

We guarantee free support services for a certain period of time after your project has been completed and launched to market.

Agile best practices

At the end of an iteration, we demo each completed story in a working, tested system to receive your feedback and adjust the backlog for the next iteration.

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