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We've completed more than 100 projects with advanced IoT, robotics, machine vision, and artificial intelligence technologies. The products we've built are used in healthcare, education, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and other industries. You can check out 30 of our project development case studies below.

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Embedded hardware development Firmware development Industrial solutions

Vibration Conditioning Solution for Industrial Automation

This is a solution applied in industrial automation for measuring machinery vibration. To achieve accurate measurements, we implemented both analog and digital filters that make the output signal smooth and strong.

IoT Solutions System software development Middleware development Transportation

IoT Messaging Library for Electric Scooter Ecosystem

This messaging library can fit IoT systems and smart networks of varying scalability that require stable and effective communication between the system components. This is a developer-friendly solution with easy implementation.

IoT Indoor positioning BLE beacon technology Android development AWS Cloud Services Linux Logistics and asset tracking

BLE-based Indoor Positioning Solution for Online Advertising

This beacon system is a simple and effective solution for online advertising that can be installed in shops, restaurants, and many other locations. Providing accurate indoor positioning, it allows business owners to promote their products and services via push notifications.

Healthcare Embedded software development Embedded hardware development IoT Wearable Firmware development

Medical Alert Bracelet That Delivers Assistance at the Touch of a Button

The device is a plastic bracelet designed for patients at military hospitals and clinics in the USA. It notifies hospital staff about an emergency with the patient's condition

Global Leader according to Clutch

Clutch – an American research organization – named us one of the most highly-recommended companies in the world and one of the TOP companies working in the field of Internet of Things. Clutch provides analysis and rating of IT companies based on client feedback and industry data.

Healthcare Android app development Wearable Firmware development BLE

Real-Time Signal Processing for Wearable Electrocardiogram Device

We developed an Android app and firmware for a wearable ECG device for the University of East London, which did research to quantify the cardiovascular effects of environmental noise exposure

Hardware development Motor controller

DC Motor Controller Design

We built a multi-mode motor controller to run a robot. It can start and stop a motor, regulate its speed, use differential steering, and apply smooth acceleration to avoid wheel slip. The motor controller is well-suited to motors of varying power.

Windows driver development System software development Kernel and driver development Telecom

A Virtual Camera Driver for Using One Webcam in Multiple Applications Simultaneously

The virtual camera is similar to ManyCam. It allows people to use their webcams on various applications whilst simultaneously live streaming or using video chat

IoT Embedded hardware development Smart home Kernel and driver development Linux

A Control Panel for IoT-Based Smart Home Automation System

The project consisted of hardware development for three PCBs, custom Linux image development, and driver development for different modules of the smart home system

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