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Custom macOS Application Development

We create application software of any complexity for the macOS operating system. Our team will develop solutions for consumer and commercial use, embedded and IoT systems, industrial devices, and equipment. We offer a full development cycle from requirements gathering and software architecture design to product release and technical support.
Custom mscOS Application Development at Integra Sources

What macOS Apps We Make

We develop all types of desktop applications for the world’s second-most popular operating system

Native macOS Application Development

Native applications are designed to run on a particular OS. They don’t require intermediate libraries, which makes them generally faster and easier to develop than cross-platform solutions.

Cross-Platform Application Development

If you want to make an application that will run not only on macOS but on other operating systems as well, we recommend cross-platform development. With the help of the Qt framework and C++ and QML languages, we will create an app that will reach a broader audience at a lower cost.

macOS Apps for Embedded and IoT Systems

Our team has vast experience in embedded electronics development. We can also create desktop applications for macOS that will work in tandem with embedded systems and IoT devices: audio and video systems, industrial and medical equipment, measurement tools, etc.


We’ll Make Your App Functional, Fast, and User-Friendly

With professional developers skilled in Swift, Objective C, C/C++, and other languages and tools, we can create a perfect macOS application for any purpose. Share your idea, and we’ll share our expertise.

What we do

We use our expertise in Xcode, Qt Creator, CLion, Visual Studio Code, and other tools to create well-optimized applications for macOS. Our team is skilled in Swift and Objective C used for native macOS app development and use C++ Qt, Python, and Java to make cross-platform solutions. We have made projects for various industries: consumer market, education, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, transportation, industrial automation, agriculture, etc. 

What's included

By ordering our custom macOS application development services, you will receive any type of software running on this operating system. We create desktop applications, solutions designed to work with embedded devices, HMI and web applications. Within the framework of the project, we will design the software architecture, write the code, create a visually appealing interface, test, and debug the product.

Why Choose Us For macOS Application Development

Integra Sources is an experienced macOS application development company with 250+ completed projects. Our developers are skilled in Swift, Objective C, C/C++, and other languages. If required, we can also develop macOS drivers and other system-level software.

  • A team of talented developers
  • Vast experience in software development
  • Personalized approach to each client
  • Systematic approach to each project
  • Realistic cost and time estimation
  • Non-disclosure agreement to protect your rights
  • Always in touch during and after the project
  • Free warranty period after the project

Operating Systems We Work With


macOS 13 Ventura

The latest release of macOS with a new tool – Stage Manager. It also has an upgraded voice assistant Siri.


macOS 12 Monterey

This version was released in 2021. It has the Universal Control function and supports AirPlay.


macOS 11 Big Sur

This 2020 macOS release has a new interface and supports ARM (M1) processors.


macOS 10.15 Catalina

Announced in 2019, it remains the most popular version of macOS.

Ready To Start a New Project With Integra Sources?

We’ve been making software for 9 years. Let us create a competitive product to bring your business to a new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

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