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AWS IoT Development Services

Amazon Web Services with its 35% of the market share is an undeniable leader in cloud computing. AWS IoT Core, a managed cloud platform that AWS provides, powers many smart home and industrial automation applications. This platform allows all your connected devices and sensors to exchange data and securely integrate with third-party systems and cloud services such as AWS IoT Analytics. We use the possibilities of AWS IoT Core to implement scalable, secure and robust Internet of Things solutions for our clients.

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Using the possibilities of AWS IoT Core, you can implement scalable, secure, and robust Internet of Things solutions.

How we can help

Integra Sources develops IoT solutions used in logistics, healthcare, education, industrial automation, and other sectors. We provide IoT development services from start to finish, helping our clients develop powerful cloud-based applications. We use AWS IoT platform to manage the vast amount of data collected by IoT-enabled devices and sensors. HTTP, WebSockets, REST, MQTT – we have experience working with a variety of protocols for transmitting information between devices. As a result of our collaboration, you get a stable system that can be controlled using a web or mobile application. See below for more information on how we can support your IoT cloud development efforts:

01Create IoT infrastructure

Build a scalable infrastructure with AWS

We design scalable and secure IoT infrastructures using AWS services. After the solution is complete, we make sure our clients can manage and extend their infrastructures even without our help. We transfer knowledge and give all that is necessary to support your IoT solution.

02Migrate to AWS

Transfer your IoT solution to AWS cloud

If your business is growing and you need to run it at cloud-speed while still maintaining the optimum security, then migrating to AWS is a great solution. We can help you transfer your IoT applications and data to the Amazon cloud platform and will manage the infrastructure for you.

03Integrate Alexa skills

Make your IoT application voice enabled

Voice control is growing in demand for many IoT applications. If you want your devices to understand what users say, we can integrate them with Alexa or build your own skill using the Alexa Skills Kit SDKs. Adding voice to your solution will delight your customers and increase sales.

04Integrate AWS IoT Analytics

Leverage the power of data

To analyze large amounts of data and build predictive analytics models, we can integrate your solution with AWS IoT Analytics. This service allows for structuring, filtering, converting, and extending data. It also offers tools to build machine learning models and apply them to the data sets.

05Integrate Lambda functions

Make software development more productive

Lambda functions allow running code for any type of an app without the need to manage servers. Lambda also allows to set up the code to automatically trigger from other services or call it directly from any web or mobile app. For example, we use Lambda function for Alexa-enabled devices to react to events such as turning on the lights.

06AWS-based cloud computing

Solve data-intensive computing tasks

We provide distributed cloud computing services for data-intensive computing tasks such as running data mining algorithms on the data collected from the IoT devices. Distributed cloud computing enables lower latency and provides better performance for cloud services.

IoT solution development: from start to finish

We offer custom IoT solution and application development services for companies looking to implement fully-featured Internet of Things platforms.
Hardware design and prototyping

Hardware design and prototyping

We help you choose technology that fits your needs. But if your solution requires custom hardware development, we will provide design, prototyping, assembly, and testing services.

Embedded software development

Embedded software development

We deliver feature-rich software for IoT and connected devices. Our systems are optimized for safety and reliability and meet power consumption requirements.

Data storage selection

Data storage selection

A centralized data storage is needed to accumulate, systematize and further analyze the collected data. We normally work with Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT Suite solutions.

Backend development

Backend development

We develop high performance, scalable backend for our IoT platforms. It provides sorting and analyzing of the data collected from sensors and smart IoT devices.

Frontend development

Frontend development

As a full-service hardware and software development company, we create user-friendly frontend application interfaces for web and mobile devices.