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Azure IoT Development Services

Microsoft's Azure IoT offers a managed Internet of Things solution used by enterprise companies to establish bidirectional cloud communications for millions of IoT devices within their ecosystems. Azure IoT Hub, a cloud platform offered by Microsoft, makes it possible for these devices to interact with one another with no delay or security issues. It supports open-source SDKs for .NET, JavaScript, Java, C and Python, and multiple communication protocols including AMQP, MQTT, and HTTP. We provide IoT cloud development services using Azure IoT Hub to help our clients in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and other industries implement scalable and secure IoT applications.

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Microsoft’s Azure IoT services allow developers to build fully-managed IoT systems that store, interpret, transform, analyze, and present data to the user through mobile or web applications.

How we can help

From IoT device programming to infrastructure set-up to data analytics – Integra Sources delivers a full suite of services needed to implement Internet of Things solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure IoT services. As a result, you will get a fully-managed IoT system that stores, interprets, transforms, analyzes, and presents data to the user through a mobile or web application. See what Azure IoT development services we can provide for you:

01Create IoT infrastructure

Build a scalable infrastructure with Azure

We can help you build the infrastructure for your IoT solution using the Azure IoT platform. As cloud services get upgraded or downgraded, and as you add new connected assets and data types to your IoT solution, we can maintain and update the infrastructure for you on an ongoing basis.

02Migrate to Azure

Transfer your IoT solution to Azure cloud

If you're planning to move your business computing needs to a high-performance cloud solution, we can support your efforts. With our deep understanding of the unique attributes of Azure, we will plan the scope and transfer your IoT applications and databases to Microsoft's cloud platform.

03Hybrid cloud application

Use IoT Edge if you need to run algorithms on IoT devices

In some IoT solutions, data processing can occur in the cloud or on the device side. If this is the case, we can implement data processing using IoT Edge. This platform allows for deploying and running artificial intelligence, Azure services, and custom logic directly on IoT devices.

04Integrate Azure Analytics services

Understand data to make smarter IoT solutions

Azure offers a large set of analytics services for big data solutions. Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Factory – we can leverage the possibilities of these services to help you build smart solutions that predict industrial equipment issues and improve the efficiency of your enterprise.

05Integrate Azure Functions

Make software development more efficient

Using Azure Functions we can route incoming messages to the related database. Azure Functions communicate directly with the IoT hub. In other words, they get data from the IoT Hub, execute business logic, and then send data back to the IoT Hub for routing back to the device.

06Azure cloud computing

Handle data-intensive operations without worrying about performance

We create distributed cloud applications using Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services. These applications are perfect for the data-intensive nature of the Internet of Things. Distributed cloud computing enables lower latency and provides better performance for cloud services.

IoT solution development: from start to finish

We offer custom IoT solution and application development services for companies looking to implement fully-featured Internet of Things platforms.
Hardware design and prototyping

Hardware design and prototyping

We help you choose technology that fits your needs. But if your solution requires custom hardware development, we will provide design, prototyping, assembly, and testing services.

Embedded software development

Embedded software development

We deliver feature-rich software for IoT and connected devices. Our systems are optimized for safety and reliability and meet power consumption requirements.

Data storage selection

Data storage selection

A centralized data storage is needed to accumulate, systematize and further analyze the collected data. We normally work with Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT Suite solutions.

Backend development

Backend development

We develop high performance, scalable backend for our IoT platforms. It provides sorting and analyzing of the data collected from sensors and smart IoT devices.

Frontend development

Frontend development

As a full-service hardware and software development company, we create user-friendly frontend application interfaces for web and mobile devices.