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IoT Solution Development Services for Healthcare

With the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, healthcare providers can reduce costs, improve customer service, and most importantly reach a better diagnosis faster. One of the main uses for IoT in healthcare is remote patient monitoring. By 2021 more than 50.2 million people will be remotely monitored using connected healthcare devices. IoT in the healthcare market is expected to reach about $400 billion by 2022. If you're looking to implement an IoT solution for medical or consumer use we can help you do it.

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IoT technology helps healthcare providers reduce costs, improve customer service, and make more informed treatment decisions.

How we can help

At Integra Sources, we provide the development of IoT technologies for healthcare and medical providers. By enabling connectivity and data exchange between health monitoring devices, we make it possible for doctors to make more informed treatment decisions. We build a variety of IoT solutions including patient monitoring and telehealth, predictive analytics, mobile applications, smart devices and wearables, home virtual assistants, equipment monitoring systems, and connected hospitals. Check out the most common use cases we work on:

01IoMT (or IoHT)

Facilitate diagnosis and enhance treatment

The Internet of Healthcare Things or the Internet of Medical Things includes the devices needed for remote health monitoring. We provide hardware and software development services for specialized wearables like hearing aids, smart inhalers, smart contact lenses, etc.

02Fitness wearables

Prevent health issues

We build fitness wearables such as wristbands, blood pressure monitors, and sleep trackers that measure temperature, heart rate, pulse, arterial pressure, glucose levels, and alert users (and doctors) in the event certain health issues are detected. They are great for preventive care.

03Remote health monitoring

Prevent and manage chronic conditions

With specialized wearables, biosensors, and medical devices that we can develop, doctors can monitor patients at risk. These devices track people's health data like blood pressure and send them directly to the hospital, where a doctor can recommend action to bring risks down.

04Connected hospital

Deliver the highest quality patient care

A connected hospital is an integrated hospital with connected medical devices, smart beds, real-time location systems (RTLS), fall monitors and other wireless technologies. Implementing IoT for hospitals allows for accurate and timely monitoring, workflow automation, and better patient care.

IoT solution development: from start to finish

We offer custom IoT solution and application development services for companies looking to implement fully-featured Internet of Things platforms.
Hardware design and prototyping

Hardware design and prototyping

We help you choose technology that fits your needs. But if your solution requires custom hardware development, we will provide design, prototyping, assembly, and testing services.

Embedded software development

Embedded software development

We deliver feature-rich software for IoT and connected devices. Our systems are optimized for safety and reliability and meet power consumption requirements.

Data storage selection

Data storage selection

A centralized data storage is needed to accumulate, systematize and further analyze the collected data. We normally work with Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT Suite solutions.

Backend development

Backend development

We develop high performance, scalable backend for our IoT platforms. It provides sorting and analyzing of the data collected from sensors and smart IoT devices.

Frontend development

Frontend development

As a full-service hardware and software development company, we create user-friendly frontend application interfaces for web and mobile devices.