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Custom Linux Application Development

We make software of any complexity for different Linux distributions. Our team can create Linux apps for consumer use, embedded systems, industrial solutions, and IoT devices. We offer a full development cycle from requirements gathering and software architecture design to product release and technical support.
Linux App Development at Integra Sources

What Linux Apps We Make

We develop all types of desktop and embedded software for various Linux distributions

Native Linux App Development

If your product is supposed to run on Linux only, we will create a native application. Such programs are better optimized and perform faster as the code is written for a particular OS. They also outmatch cross-platform apps in terms of security.

Cross-Platform App Development

With C++, QML, and Qt, we can create cross-platform apps that can run not only on Linux but on Windows and macOS as well. If you want to reach a broader audience by offering several versions of your product, this approach will save you time and money.  

Linux Applications for Embedded and IoT Systems

Many embedded devices including IoT solutions run embedded Linux distributions. We can create Linux applications for audio and video systems, measurement tools, medical devices, and industrial equipment.


We’ll Make Your App Functional, Fast, and User-Friendly

With professional developers skilled in C, C++, C#, Python, and Java and various tools, we can create a perfect Linux application for any purpose. Share your idea, and we’ll share our expertise.

What we do

Linux operating system features high performance and security. There are plenty of Linux distributions that can be highly customized, which is why the OS perfectly suits embedded systems. We use our deep knowledge of C, C++, C#, Python, and Java, IDEs, and frameworks for custom Linux application development. Thanks to this, we can create high-end solutions for both established companies and startups with innovative ideas.

What's included?

Our team will create custom Linux apps of any complexity for various industries: consumer markets, education, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, transportation, industrial automation, agriculture, etc. We can make desktop applications, HMI apps for different equipment, embedded apps for IoT systems, and many more. We will take care of the functionality, UI/UX, and security of the product. We will design the software architecture, write the code, test and debug the product, and provide warranty support. 

Why Choose Us For Linux Application Development

Integra Sources is an experienced Linux application development company with 250+ completed projects. Our developers are skilled in C, C++, C#, Python, and Java. We also offer embedded Linux development, as well as Linux kernel and driver development.

  • A team of talented developers
  • Vast experience in software development
  • Personalized approach to each client
  • Systematic approach to each project
  • Realistic cost and time estimation
  • Non-disclosure agreement to protect your rights
  • Always in touch during and after the project
  • Free warranty period after the project

Linux Distros We Work With


One of the most bug-free open-source Linux distributions. Thanks to longer release cycles, it is suitable not only for desktop and laptop computers but also for network systems. Many well-known Linux distros are based on Debian.


The most popular Linux distro based on Debian. It has its own repositories and comes in three editions: Desktop, Server, and Core for IoT. This open-source OS is more secure than Windows and is highly customizable.

Linux Mint

Free desktop Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It features a very user-friendly interface similar to Windows and macOS. Comes in three versions: Cinnamon (the fullest edition), MATE (more stable and faster), and Xfce (the most stable and lightweight version).


Open-source Linux-based OS designed for embedded network devices. Comes with such configurable features as a DNS server, PPP protocol, Wi-Fi access point and client functionality. Optimized to fit into small storage and memory.



Not a distro, but a collection of tools, metadata, and build frameworks for creating embedded Linux distributions. Supports various hardware platforms and architectures: x86/64, ARM, PPC, MIPS, PowerPC, etc.


Another toolchain for generating Linux distros for embedded systems with a set of Makefiles and patches. Has a cross-compiler and supports various architectures: x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Linux app development

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