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C/C++ Software Development

C and C++ are examples of the long-established and most used programming languages in the world of software development. Our engineers take full advantage of C/C++ to deliver a wide variety of software projects.
We use the C language for low-level programming and the multipurpose C++ for writing code at all levels.

What we do

We employ the C and C++ languages to create software applied to different programming levels and aimed at performing different tasks. In most cases, OS and CPU manufacturers provide compilers, libraries, and other tools for C/C++, which allows writing system and application software for various operating systems and hardware. Our dedicated C/C++ programmers know how to benefit from the key features of these languages. Their flexibility, fast speed, and scalability make it possible to develop both simple high-level applications and high-performance system-level solutions.

What's included?

Our C development services focus mainly on low-level programming. That includes kernel and driver development, middleware development, and firmware programming. Using the portability of the C language, we create applications that support all major operating systems. As a C++ development company, we keep an eye on the latest updates of the language standard.

Our developers apply C++20 to build multi-platform software for embedded systems, as well as mobile and desktop apps with user interfaces. C++ is a multipurpose language suitable for coding on all levels. Thus, our C++ software development services are applied for various tasks, from programming microcontrollers to writing computer vision algorithms.

Kernel and driver development

Kernel and driver design belongs to the low-level programming where our in-depth knowledge of the C language is involved. We build native drivers within our C development for Windows, C development for Linux, C programming software for Mac, iOS, Unix, and other operating systems.

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Board Support Package (BSP) development

We develop custom BSPs to adapt the required software platform to the hardware of your embedded system. Building a set of the necessary drivers, modules, and hardware abstraction layers (HALs), we enable the operating system to run on numerous CPU architectures.

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Firmware development

C software development is closely related to the programming of microcontrollers (MCUs). Integra works with ARM, AVR, PIC, MSP430, and other MCUs. Our engineers are able to write firmware from scratch, as well as redesign the existing code to optimize your hardware.

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Computer vision development

We implement algorithms to process video and images for computer vision systems using C++. Our engineers work with tons of data to improve the algorithms and reach maximum accuracy. The projects we develop include object recognition, feature extraction, face detection, color correction and image stitching, and others.

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How we work

We share the area of responsibilities with our customers depending on the type of the project:

Frequently Asked Questions

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