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Industrial Internet of Things Development Services

The global market of the Industrial Internet is expected to grow to $232.15 billion by 2023. The growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driven by the ability of IoT technologies to reduce manufacturing costs and increase efficiency. When the smallest moving part of the industrial equipment breaks, this can cause financial loss for manufacturers. With intelligent and connected devices installed at factories, manufacturers can monitor and control the entire manufacturing process, and prevent equipment failures. IIoT enables fast data exchange and makes industrial organizations more efficient. As an IoT development company, we help enterprises in manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and other industries implement IoT solutions for industrial automation.

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With IIoT installed at factories, manufacturers can monitor and control the entire manufacturing process and prevent equipment failures.

How we can help

Our IIoT development services include hardware and software development for a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways. We build interfaces for connected devices, and web and mobile applications for end users. We also provide integration services with enterprise resource planning, data warehousing, business intelligence, and customer relationship management systems. Our end-to-end IoT applications increase operational efficiency and worker safety, allow for remote monitoring of people and assets, and improve quality control.

01Proactive equipment maintenance

Avoid downtime and costly repairs

The IoT sensors we build actively monitor machines and predict possible equipment issues. Manufacturers can proactively replace or repair components of industrial equipment. This eliminates financial losses that occur when equipment breaks down and unexpectedly causes downtime and costly damage.

02Energy consumption management

Reduce energy misuse

Deploying the Internet of Things results in significant energy savings. We can develop network sensors that monitor HVAC and lighting control systems, and control power consumption. The sensor technology also monitors for leaks and sends real-time alerts about wasteful situations.

03Remote asset monitoring

Remain connected with your assets and people

With remote asset monitoring solutions companies can connect with their assets, equipment, machines, and people even when they are spread over large geographical areas. This gives companies an opportunity to optimize operations, reduce risks, and increase employee safety.

IoT solution development: from start to finish

We offer custom IoT solution and application development services for companies looking to implement fully-featured Internet of Things platforms.
Hardware design and prototyping

Hardware design and prototyping

We help you choose technology that fits your needs. But if your solution requires custom hardware development, we will provide design, prototyping, assembly, and testing services.

Embedded software development

Embedded software development

We deliver feature-rich software for IoT and connected devices. Our systems are optimized for safety and reliability and meet power consumption requirements.

Data storage selection

Data storage selection

A centralized data storage is needed to accumulate, systematize and further analyze the collected data. We normally work with Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT Suite solutions.

Backend development

Backend development

We develop high performance, scalable backend for our IoT platforms. It provides sorting and analyzing of the data collected from sensors and smart IoT devices.

Frontend development

Frontend development

As a full-service hardware and software development company, we create user-friendly frontend application interfaces for web and mobile devices.