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We're committed to delivering the best engineering solutions for people to use

In our approach, we focus on achieving results in a consistent, predictable way, and creating value for the end users.
Development workflow at Integra Sources.

Delivery models

Because we serve the needs of different kinds of businesses, we offer a choice of four different frameworks that define collaboration between us and our clients.

01Project-based outsourcing

This is our most typical engagement model. In project-based outsourcing, we are responsible for the development of the entire project from start to finish. We will go through a planning stage to gather requirements, build a roadmap, and assemble the team. We will then carry out project management all the way until the project is completed. We guarantee the quality of the end result while meeting time and cost constraints.

02Dedicated development team

This model is used by companies who are either looking to supplement their in-house team with a few qualified hardware or software engineers or need an entire offshore development office for full-time project development. The main advantage of the dedicated team model is that it gives you full control over your project. You can change priorities at any time, control the cost of development, and scale your team fast.

03Research & development

We offer a research and development model for companies that are looking to build completely new and innovative products but aren't sure if their projects are scientifically or technologically possible. With our help, you can get an idea of the feasibility of your project, identify potential risks, and understand the cost needed for the implementation of the project. We provide scientific research, prototyping, and implementation if the solution is feasible.

04Technology consulting

If you need to get an idea of what technology is needed for your project development, or if you require a professional review of your existing solution, you can use our technology consulting model. We will analyze your functional and non-functional requirements and offer the most optimal and cost-effective technology solution with a comprehensive explanation of why you need it. Then we'll implement this solution, guiding you every step of the way.

Technology is really about people. We develop hardware and software while keeping people who will use the product at the center of our focus.
Integra Sources' specialists discuss project details.
Project planning by Integra Sources' developer.

Predicted results

Our projects aren't typical, and there is no one-size-fits-all workflow for implementing them. Before getting down to engineering we always plan the project and set delivery expectations. Our project managers make sure everything is completed by the project termination date.
  • Project planning
  • Controlled budget and schedule
  • Performance reporting
  • Active communication
  • Delivery management

Payment agreements and account management

With our dedicated account managers and flexible payment agreements we meet the needs of each client and ensure that services are provided to the highest standards.

Account Manager

Our Account Manager is your point of contact for any and all matters. They act as a liaison between you and our internal team to ensure the timely and successful delivery of solutions according to your needs.

Fixed Price or Time-and-Material

We use two pricing models: Fixed Price and Time-and-Material. Fixed Price contracts are for projects with a clearly defined scope and a strict budget. These agreements can be paid in several installments. In the Time-and-Material pricing model, billing is based on the hours spent on the project. This contract is best suited for projects of long duration and changing requirements for time and resources.

Integra Sources' managers discuss project details with clients.
The Integra team is here to provide comprehensive assistance in hardware and software development.

“Working around the clock to build great things for you and your consumers.”