IoT Solution Development Services for Entertainment and Media

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices is an important channel for direct-to-consumer interaction for media and entertainment companies. With the growth of IoT, content providers can deliver and monetize their content on a multitude of new devices, and create engaging experiences adapted to IoT platforms. The ability of IoT to track different physical parameters such as a user’s location, movement, and activities helps media and entertainment companies enrich their knowledge about customers and increase ad revenues by delivering personalized content. We can help you build tools that gather, transport, and process data you can derive insights from.

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How we can help

Integra Sources focuses on the development of smart devices and data analytics systems that help companies in the media and entertainment industries leverage the power of IoT platforms. We can help you build powerful machine learning systems that analyze data and deliver content tailored to specific audiences. See some use cases we work on:

01Content personalization

Serve content your audience will love

We can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to recommend personalized content based on data about user activity, behavior, location, and demographics. By creating contextually-relevant and personalized experiences, media and entertainment companies can derive higher revenues.

02Multi-device content delivery

Offer immersive content experience at every touchpoint

Smart TVs, lighting systems, game consoles, vehicle entertainment systems, and other internet-enabled appliances – you can be present on multiple digital touchpoints your customers use. We can help you develop applications for various IoT devices for integrated customer experiences.

03Smart devices for entertainment

Entertain people at home

We can collaborate on the development of smart entertainment devices. This can be anything you can imagine: a music player, a voice-controlled smart assistant, a gesture controller, a smart alarm – anything that provides viewing, listening, or just a fun interactive experience.

IoT solution development: from start to finish

We offer custom IoT application development services for companies looking to implement fully-featured Internet of Things platforms.

Hardware design and prototyping

We help you choose technology that fits your needs. But if your solution requires custom hardware development, we will provide design, prototyping, assembly, and testing services.

Embedded software development

We deliver feature-rich software for IoT and connected devices. Our systems are optimized for safety and reliability and meet power consumption requirements.

Data storage selection

A centralized data storage is needed to accumulate, systematize and further analyze the collected data. We normally work with Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT Suite solutions.

Backend development

We develop high performance, scalable backend for our IoT platforms. It provides sorting and analyzing of the data collected from sensors and smart IoT devices.

Frontend development

As a full-service hardware and software development company we create user-friendly frontend application interfaces for web and mobile devices.

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Bluetooth Music Pedal for Hands-Free Page Turning

The music pedal is a Bluetooth-equipped device that allows musicians to flip pages in sheet music apps on their smartphones or tablets by using their feet.

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