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IoT Solution Development Services

Integra Sources is a custom IoT solution provider. We work with IT and business leaders on implementing internet-connected devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – that collect and share data through wireless networks in real time. We provide various Internet of Things development services to create end-to-end solutions – from hardware to software to analytics and IoT applications.

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IoT solutions are widely used in retail, healthcare, education, agriculture, and other fields.

Time to put IoT to work

The internationally-recognized business consulting firm McKinsey estimates that IoT will generate
$11.1 trillion a year
in economic value by 2025. Despite still being in its early stages, the technology is already having a transformative impact on businesses. Internet of Things solutions optimize operational efficiency and resource consumption, improve medical outcomes, cut down on waste, make customer experiences more engaging, and address a wide range of other challenges in many industries. We cooperate with companies in retail, healthcare, education, agriculture, and other spheres to support their IoT strategies with custom IoT solution development.

IoT development services for your application area

We've put together a list of industries that benefit most from implementing Internet of Things solutions. As an IoT development company, we primarily focus on the use cases listed below. But we can also discuss other applications for IoT that aren't covered here.

IoT in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

IoT solutions improve efficiency and increase visibility across the entire supply chain. The most common uses for the Internet of Things that we work with include asset tracking, fleet management, inventory management, and route optimization.

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IoT in Agriculture and Smart Farming

IoT applications for smart farming are used for monitoring soil, tracking the health of cattle, improving crop health by using surveillance drones, and more. We can collaborate on building the Internet of Things technology for precision farming, livestock tracking, and other areas.

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IoT in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is a wide range of IoT applications. From remote patient monitoring to predictive maintenance of medical equipment, Internet of Things has the potential to keep patients safe and healthy and improve how physicians deliver care.

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IoT in Education

IoT applications for smart schools allow educational organizations to cut energy consumption, reduce operating costs, increase safety at schools, and improve learning outcomes with the possibilities of modern technologies and adaptive learning systems.

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IoT in Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies can benefit from IoT application development services too. The Internet of Things offers the ability to serve content which would appeal to a specific individual. We create IoT solutions that offer valuable content to the user based on their interests while driving up advertising revenues.

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Consumer IoT

Developing applications for IoT in consumer devices is the sphere where we have the most experience. We build health monitoring systems, solutions for elderly care, home security systems, personal assistants, and other smart applications for everyday use.

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Smart Home Systems

Smart home solutions provide a range of benefits for homeowners. We build home automation systems that streamline common tasks for convenience and also create advanced security systems with cameras and motion sensors to ensure safety at home.

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IoT in Sports

Player development, player safety, and fan engagement are the key roles of the Internet of Things in sports. With our IoT app development services, we can help sports organizations build efficient solutions for enhancing player performance, keeping players healthy, and improving in-arena experiences for fans.

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Industrial Internet of Things

With our expertise in machine learning, big data and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies we build IIoT solutions that enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. The applications include predictive maintenance, energy management, and asset tracking.

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We build complete and functional IoT projects

All IoT projects share the same building blocks from an architectural standpoint. With our deep knowledge of these building blocks, our IoT engineers build the ultimate Internet of Things solutions for various applications.
  • Sensors and devices
  • Communication
  • IoT cloud
  • IoT application
Integra Sources team discusses an IoT project.
Integra Sources team discusses an IoT project.

Cloud platforms for IoT projects

To build the Internet of Things applications we use cloud computing and data analytics platforms provided by Amazon and Microsoft – the biggest cloud providers on the market.

The capabilities you get

We make our IoT projects successful by finding compatible technology that perfectly integrates with your IoT solution, and creating a complete system that satisfies the following requirements for quality:
  • Diverse connectivity
  • Management for a range of devices
  • Safe collection of data
  • High-performance data streaming
  • Effective data management
  • Powerful analytics
  • Robust security