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What we do What’s included

What we do

We provide custom printed circuit board design and layout for analog, digital, and mixed signal boards for a variety of electronic systems and fields of application. You might already have design schematics created and require a PCB layout from it, or you might be looking to improve and optimize your existing design for cost-effective assembly. We can help you build PCB designs including high speed PCB design from scratch as well as provide technology consulting services to solve any technical complexities you might have.

What's included?

From PCB schematic design and PCB board layout to testing, validation, and certification, we take responsibility for the full cycle of the PCB design process. See the detailed breakdown of our services below.

Schematic design

The process of PCB board design always starts with schematics. A schematic or a circuit diagram conveys the electrical connection between different electrical components like integrated circuits (IC) and discrete components. We use professional CAD software such as Altium Designer to define modules and design the connectivity between different components.

PCB layout

Once the schematic is imported to the PCB layout, we define the characteristics for each component and manually place them on the board. We take into consideration the number of required layers and the dimensions of components that may be limited by the size of the housing. We also evaluate electrical limitations to ensure safety, as well as proper conductor routing, which is the primary factor impacting the price of PCB manufacturing.

PCB fabrication

Once our PCB design layout is approved for production, we export it into the format the manufacturer supports. We prepare a bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files that describe design requirements for each image of a circuit board. Manufacturers use this documentation as a reference for board fabrication and PCB assembly. For certain projects, we also create 3D models of PCBs and insert these models in a 3D model of the housing.

Check out our recent case study

Wearable Sports equipment Consumer electronics Embedded hardware development Firmware development

Variometer for Paraglider Pilots

The device indicates the climb/sink rate during paraglider pilots' flights. We provided PCB design for the variometer and ported firmware from Arduino to a new circuit board based on STM32F4 microcontroller.

We've worked with some successful startups like Simple Robots, businesses like The Medical Team, and research centers like the University of East London

How we work

To know exactly how our different collaboration models apply to the process of printed circuit board design, check out the table below:



























Frequently Asked Questions

Read this information to better understand the process of PCB design and layout.

What technologies do you use for PCB design and layout?

We use PCB design software, like Altium Designer, Eagle Cad, Cadence Allegro, OrCad, KiCad, and PCad. All these programs have enhanced features for building boards from simple to the most complex ones. We have a large trusted library of components for each of these CADs. If you give preference to a certain program or tool, you are welcome to choose and advise, we are flexible and try to discuss every detail before development starts.

Can you build a device prototype?

Absolutely. To do that we will design a PCB and order electronic components. We have all the necessary equipment to assemble and test the prototypes.  

How many layers can I get on a PCB board?

Rendering PCB design services we build PCB designs with multiple layers. You can get anywhere from one to 12 layers on your board.

Do you validate PCB layout before production?

Validation is an integral part of PCB layout services we provide. In our PCB design and layout process, we validate our work through the use of a Design Rule Check (DRC), an area of electronic design automation. We also do schematic and circuit board modeling using special computer software. But most importantly, we use our knowledge of methods and approaches to PCB design and layout that we've accumulated over years of working in this field.  

Can you estimate the cost of the final device before it's built?

We'd be glad to do that! If you have a specification or a list of requirements for your device, then we can pre-select the components you need and prepare a preliminary bill of materials (BOM). We can also make arrangements with manufacturers and vendors of customized components for your device. Based on the BOM and mechanical requirements, we can evaluate the complexity and dimensions of the printed circuit board for your device. On the basis of these data, we can estimate how much it will cost to produce a required number of devices. If you don't have a specification yet, we will be happy to prepare it for you.

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