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Computer Hardware Engineering Scholarship for Students

Integra Sources is happy to announce this Scholarship program.

Who we are and What the Scholarship is About

Integra Sources is an electronics design house which provides custom software and hardware solutions. We specialize in embedded hardware design, embedded software design, computer vision development, Internet of Things, robotics development and other related areas.

Integra has been collaborating with local universities and colleges for 3 years. We carry out internship programs, hold and take part in competitions and organize various activities with the aim of supporting and motivating talented and passionate students to advance their skills in computer science, electronic engineering and other related technology fields.

We are ready for a new challenge. In 2020 we would like to expand both the scope of activities and geographic range of cooperation by initiating our own scholarship program. We have decided that in 2020-2021 we will implement this program in the USA which is where the majority of our clients work.

It goes without saying that the United States is the largest and most advanced IT market in the world, one which is constantly and rapidly growing and developing. The decision to run the 2020-2021 programme in the USA opens up new and wonderful opportunities for us as well. So, if you are a US university, college or high school student, we invite you to apply for our funding grant program. Our hardware engineering scholarship is an opportunity for career development. The winning applicant will be awarded $1,000 and encouraged to spend the grant on self-education purposes to acquire new skills and knowledge necessary for professional growth.

Who can apply and how to participate in the program?

  • To take part in the computer hardware engineering scholarship 2020-2021, you should be an enthusiastic US high school, university or college student studying computer science, engineering and related areas.
  • To apply, the candidate should fill out the application form on our website (please see below) providing personal and contact information and submitting a short essay of 100 to 150 words length telling us why you have chosen an engineering career and which field of IT you would prefer to explore in the future.
  • Besides that, a candidate needs to attach a small presentation of any relevant project of personal creation in the field of electronics design, embedded systems, Internet of Things, robot development or other related areas. This can be a completed school or university project, a pet project or any other work you have done and are proud of.

Our winners

The Integra Sources Scholarship 2019-2020 winner is Matthew Vine from the Liberty University Online. Our team was impressed by his achievements in research projects, creative approach, and volunteering experience.

Matthew Vine

Matthew Vine

The Integra Sources Scholarship 2021-2022 winner is Connor Hernandez from Arlington, Texas. He studies at The University of Texas at Arlington. We were impressed by his achievements in research projects and happy to announce that we have chosen Connor as the receiver of Integra Sources Scholarship.

Connor Hernandez

Connor Hernandez