About us

We are a team of professionals experienced in different areas. We decided to combine our skills to help our Clients with making great projects in hardware development, embedded systems, IoT, robot development, mobile and custom software development.
We are pleased to work on your projects, improve your business and develop new devices for you.

Our background

Integra Sources was established in 2013 as a team of professionals with experience of more than 10 years in IT industry.

Before the company was founded, the core team worked in different IT companies on PCB and electronic design, firmware programming, game dev projects, mobile development and custom software development. Nowadays we can complete a wide range of projects in all these areas. Our experience allows us to choose the proper technologies for creating the top solution according to your requirements which can be easily extended and supported.

We are growing and ready to take on complex and complicated turnkey projects in different industries. We work with projects in consumer electronics, healthcare, test & measurement, wearables and other areas.

Integra Sources key features

  • We are ready for fixed price and time & material projects.

  • Our Clients have full control over the development of their projects. This means that our Clients always know the work status and the following steps.

  • We understand the importance of the project management triangle (scope, time and cost). You can always be assured that the work will be done with high quality, in time and on budget.

  • We are agile! We are flexible in forming a team for your project. Also, we are open for any changes or suggestions during the development process.