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We've completed more than 100 projects with advanced IoT, robotics, machine vision, and artificial intelligence technologies. The products we've built are used in healthcare, education, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and other industries. You can check out 30 of our project development case studies below.

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Industrial solutions Embedded software development Embedded hardware development IoT Wearable Logistics and asset tracking Beacons

People and Asset Tracking Device to Ensure Safety in the Mining Industry

We created a special gateway device that processes wireless signals broadcasted by Bluetooth beacons and allow for locating and tracking people in underground mines

Consumer electronics Entertainment Firmware development Wearable BLE

Handscape, Capacitive Touch Case for Controlling Smartphone or Tablet from the Back

Handscape is a wireless case attached to the back plate of a smartphone or tablet that lets users see their fingers through this device

Consumer electronics Embedded hardware development CPLD Custom software development Firmware development

A USB Keylogger for Recording Keystrokes Typed on Any PC

The keylogger's main purpose is to record the data being transmitted by the keyboard. It captures every key pressed by a user and stores this information in the text file

IoT Manufacturing Cross-platform software development Industrial solutions Firmware development Web development Cloud solutions

IoT System Development for Manufacturing Reinforced Composites

The IoT device detects leaks on a vacuum bag and communicates this information to the user via a phone, tablet or PC

IoT Wearable Embedded software development Industrial solutions Embedded hardware development Logistics and asset tracking Mobile app development

Customizable GPS Tracking Platform for Monitoring Assets

The GPS tracker records the location and condition of assets and transfers this information to the server via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GSM at defined time intervals

Firmware development Embedded software development Beacons Custom software development BLE Logistics and asset tracking

Beacon Customization for an Asset Tracking Solution for Enterprise

Our client needed to customize physical beacon so they could consume less energy. We extended the beacon battery life by 30%

Consumer electronics Entertainment Embedded software development Embedded hardware development Firmware development

Bluetooth Music Pedal for Hands-Free Page Turning

The music pedal is a Bluetooth-equipped device that allows musicians to flip pages in sheet music apps on their smartphones or tablets by using their feet

Consumer electronics Embedded hardware development Telecom

PBX Communications Device for Preventing Phone Fraud for Senior Citizens

We implemented a hardware design for a telecommunications device that gets installed in the homes of senior citizens and automatically blocks fraudulent calls

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