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PaaS Solution for Building Location-Aware Services for Enterprise

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Location-aware apps can provide better safety in mining and construction, eliminate inefficiencies in logistics and transportation, and increase sales in the retail and hospitality industries.

PaaS solution for location-aware app development


An Australian provider of location-based solutions for enterprise with whom we've already worked needed to create a PaaS system that would allow companies in various industries to develop location-aware mobile applications.

Previously we worked with the same client on a project where we needed to create a special gateway device for tracking people in underground mines.


Integra Sources provided the development for an SDK for iOS and Android enabling other developers to implement their location-based services. The SDK allows for the synchronization of unique geo-fences from web API so enterprises can monitor when an asset enters, leaves, or stays inside the geo-fence.

We implemented automatic switching between GPS high accuracy, power balanced, and BLE beacon modes for location tracking to make sure the library processes data without draining the battery.

The location-aware mobile application

Scope of work

  • SDK for iOS
  • SDK for Android

Technologies Used

  • iOS and Android Libraries check the device's location and fire events
  • iOS SDK was implemented using Objective C language
  • Android Library was implemented using Java language
  • iOS region monitoring (CoreLocation Framework) was used to reduce battery consumption
  • Android Library uses Retrofit for communicating with REST API
  • Android Library uses Android Beacon Library for beacon scanning and filtering
  • Android Library uses JTS Topology Suite libraries for geofences handling
  • iOS Library uses GEOS framework for geofences handling.
  • GPS is used for outdoor positioning
  • Beacon scanning is used for indoor positioning

How it works

  1. The entire area is covered with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that periodically broadcast their identifier. Our solution supports all popular kinds of beacon standards including iBeacon and Eddystone beacon.
  2. Smartphone synchronizes with the server and gets a list of geozones and beacon zones through a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  3. The SDK continuously monitors the GPS or Bluetooth position of the device and if a certain event happens such as entry, exit, or dwell, a customer gets real-time information, notifications, and alerts to their mobile device.

Challenges solved

High precision geolocation

Our technology solution provides very high location accuracy both indoors and outdoors. It transitions smoothly between location sources such as carrier signals, GPS, Wi-Fi and Beacons for real-time tracking.

Intelligent battery management

The SDK uses a special prediction algorithm to reduce GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile data usage. This minimizes battery drain. For example, the SDK uses Bluetooth only when a user enters a region with Bluetooth beacons in it. The device consumes 1% of power per hour – this is 10x better battery management than industry standards – while providing high-precision event generation and prediction of upcoming events.


The system represents a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that enables persistent background location tracking of mobile devices through the use of a tracking system. Software developers can create and manage their Beacon zones and geofences through a web interface. They can assign triggers for each zone (e.g. entry, exit, dwell, a certain distance from Beacon) and push messages and actions to user devices when they enter a predetermined area.

Geofence that can be managed via the web interface
Zone example

Integra Sources' extensive preparation beforehand helped give confidence to the client that they chose the right partner. Despite the time difference, they are able to stay in constant communication. Integra's dedication to the project has led the client to develop an ongoing relationship.

Christophe Baudia Christophe Baudia, CEO at GeoMoby