Data Management Platform for Electronic Test Equipment

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Producers of household appliances use test and measurement instruments for validating their designs, testing different operating modes, and troubleshooting. During testing these devices collect a large amount of data that help engineers find out where the problems lie. One common system stores all the acquired data in a central database and displays the results to the engineers in the form of graphs and charts via special Business Intelligence software.


One of the leading European providers of household appliances needed to implement a software system for their test and measurement devices. They were looking for a technology partner with expertise in firmware and software development.


We implemented a solid software system that manages devices under test (DUT), collects data from sensors, and visualizes these data in a web-based Business Intelligence platform.

Technologies Used

We used Quad core SBC for the hardware part of this project.
We built a custom Linux image for the hardware part.
Websockets is used for direct communication between the GUI part and hardware.
ZeroMQ library was used for socket communication between hardware and server.
The software on the hardware side and part of the server software were implemented using C/C++.
For GUI we used HTML, CSS, and JS (Javascript).
Backend part was implemented using PHP.


The system for testing and measurement is based on a single board computer (SBC) that acts as a middleman between the server and the sensors attached to the DUT. The SBC sends commands to the sensors, monitors the data they collect and records these data to the database. The testing results are then displayed in a web interface.

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Scope of work

Developed a custom Linux distro for the single board computer

Implemented a database system for collecting, handling and processing data recorded by the single board computer.

Built a web-based Business Intelligence system that displays the data collected from sensors.

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