Video Streaming System Based on Raspberry Pi

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It's a common practice for public spaces to stream videos for entertainment and advertising purposes. But have you ever wondered how the video streaming systems work?


A US-based company provides entertainment videos for wellness centers using hundreds of Raspberry Pi devices that connect to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi. They needed to build a system for downloading videos and playlists from the server and reproducing them in a certain order on several TVs simultaneously.


We used Java to build a video player for Raspberry Pi. It allows users to play videos downloaded from the cloud using REST API. To download videos we implemented the ability to automatically join a proper internet enabled Wi-Fi network. We added WiFi Protected Access (WPA) security protocols to protect the video player from vulnerabilities.

Scope of work

  • Developed a video player that runs on the Raspbian Linux build
  • The playlist gets downloaded from the server automatically
  • Videos are played in specific sequences
  • The player removes old unused video items
  • The system reports individual device health status

Technologies Used

  • The application was implemented using the Java language.
  • WiFi connection was used for networking.
  • Raspberry Pi was used for the hardware part of this project.
  • The application uses REST and JSON to communicate with the server.


The result is a custom video player with specific functionality for downloading and automatic playing of video files of different formats on Raspberry PI. We used Java to build the player. The video player provides the following functions: downloading video files from the server, checking data integrity, VLC player control, and VLC optimization for the hardware.