Custom software development services

High-performance system engineering and software development for web and mobile platforms.
What we do What’s included

What we do

Integra Sources provides custom software development services in accordance with your requirements. As full stack developers, we can be engaged on every level of a system, because we understand the bigger picture, no matter how well-separated the subsystems are. Our team is experienced in developing high-performance systems in C/C++, and we also use C#, Java, Python, and other programming languages for building software for web and mobile platforms and embedded systems.

What's included?

Our main focus is system engineering – that is, we design and manage complex engineering projects over their life cycles. Our project development experience includes large-scale performance-critical applications, enterprise software, cross-platform software, mobile applications, and applications that control peripheral devices. We also take on blockchain development projects.

Web development

From requirements gathering to maintenance, support, and modernization – we provide backend and frontend development services for web applications. Our capabilities include .NET, Java, Python, and a bunch of other web technologies.

Mobile software development

We're the best fit for companies building mobile applications for custom hardware devices and IoT solutions. The applications we develop communicate with different devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, or OTG. We provide native and cross-platform app development for iOS and Android.

Enterprise software development

We build complex enterprise-grade software and distributed systems that may involve extensive database infrastructures. From SaaS and PaaS development to API integration and to modernizing legacy systems – we can help you build enterprise software solutions to support your operations.

Cross-platform software development

With our knowledge of C/C++ and expertise working with Qt, a cross-platform application framework and other services, we create platform-independent solutions which can run anywhere – desktop, embedded or mobile devices – while still being native applications with native capabilities and speed.

Blockchain development

We offer end-to-end custom tailored blockchain application development services to build decentralized applications for a full range of business needs. From cryptographically secured and decentralized money to smart contracts to DaPPs and private blockchain – we've got you covered.

Check out our recent case study

Industrial solutions Custom software development IoT Kernel and driver development

Data Management Platform for Electronic Test Equipment

We implemented a data management solution for controlling devices under test (DUT), a database for collecting and analyzing data, and a web interface for the end user to visualize these data.

Our clients include enterprise companies, research centers, and innovative startups from all over the world

How we work

Check out the table below to learn more about how we work and where your involvement is most needed depending on the type of collaboration model.




























Frequently Asked Questions

Read this information to better understand the process of custom software development.

What types of custom software do you develop?

  • Client-server apps
  • Desktop apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Web apps

What is your tech stack for custom software development

  • Desktop: C++, Qt, C#, Java
  • Web: PHP, JS, Python, HTML/CSS

What is your custom software development workflow?

Most of the time we follow the Agile methodology with its best practices such as iteration planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, regular feature prioritization, and single coding standard. But depending on the complexity of the project and client involvement we can also use the Waterfall model.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering culture the idea of which is to unite Development and Operations in order to streamline the delivery of software products. Automation is one of the key concepts in DevOps. To increase the frequency and quality of deployments, DevOps engineers automate integrations, releases, testing, and infrastructure management. The key components that need to be implemented in DevOps include:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous monitoring

Do you do DevOps?

Yes, we provide DevOps and continuous delivery services helping our clients develop features faster by applying more automated processes. The tools we use for DevOps include Docker, Jenkins, and Travis.

What is continuous delivery?

Continuous delivery (CD) is a software engineering practice applied by Agile teams. To do continuous delivery means to produce software in short cycles. With continuous delivery you get the following benefits:

  • Fix bugs early
  • Reduce risks
  • Reduce manual tests
  • Increase transparency between QA and development teams

What tools do you use for continuous integration?

  • Jenkins
  • Buildbot
  • Travis CI
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • DevOps solutions from Google
  • GoCD
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